7134 Plank Avenue, El Cerrito Off market opportunity


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Wonderful opportunity to own a Mid Century Modern home in the heart of El Cerrito! Located in a quiet cul-de-sac this home has been lovingly restored and upgraded while keeping its modern appeal.  New dual pane windows, gleaming hardwood floors, updated electrical and plumbing, brand new open kitchen, fully remodeled master bathroom with barn door.

Landscaped yard with new drainage system and large 2-car garage.

Sewer compliant and low pest report.

Offered at $879,000

Come check it out during broker’s tour Thursday November 15th from 9:30am till noon and Sunday Open House 11/18 from 2-4pm.

Please call/text/email Catherine for further details and/or to schedule a private showing.

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Are we at the peak?

It sure feels like we are approaching the peak as some houses have not received any offers this week and are “lingering” on beyond the usual 14 days on the market.  That said I have been writing offers every week for clients and have come in 2nd one too many times.  Just this week I wrote an offer $400,000 over asking price and came in yet again 2nd…. It is really disheartening for clients to keep writing offers and be rejected even when they write that much over the list price.  Is the list price way too low?  Yes in some cases but the market is such that buyers expect to overbid 10%-20%. If a seller decides to price high there will be hardly if any overbids.  My colleague wrote an offer on a home listed within 5% of value and even though they wrote $200,000 over asking price the sellers rejected their offer..

Have you seen the  new trend of “transparent” prices?  It is popping up everywhere.  Sellers list a home at the price they expect to receive or agree to sell their home for.  Those “transparent” prices are quite high but maybe that is the way to be fair and more honest to the buyers too.  What do you think?  As a seller or a potential buyer would you prefer to deal with transparent prices from now on or keep the status quo?

Best regards,


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New Logo???

Sometimes you need to revamp yourself.  A new look, a new life, a new beginning…

new logo

What are your thoughts on this new logo?  What story does it tell you? What does it remind you of?

If you have seen my background bridges that will give you an idea of what i was going for.  Do you prefer my old one (photo) or the new one?  A mix of both?


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Did you know? Daily market analysis

From Compass headquarters:
DID YOU KNOW? Yesterday’s equity markets dip was mostly driven by the fact that the YIELD CURVE inverted. Historically, an inverted yield curve has been viewed as an indicator of a pending economic recession, but that is NOT a certainty. When short-term interest rates exceed long-term rates, market sentiment suggests that the long-term outlook is poor and that the yields offered by long-term fixed income will continue to fall. The yield on 30-year Treasury bonds fell Wednesday to 2.0139%, the lowest level ever. It surpassed the previous mark of 2.0882% set in July 2016. How could this impact real estate markets? Chances are another rate cut may happen sooner.
DID YOU KNOW? Experiences, transparency, and authenticity are the key global trends shaping consumption of luxury goods today, according to Euromonitor analysts Elton Morimitsu and Guilherme Machado. (LuxuryDaily)

DID YOU KNOW? After strengthening modestly this spring amid falling mortgage rates, California home sales downshifted in June, when activity fell 10% below a weak June 2018 – the first month last year to signal a slowdown. The median price paid for a Golden State home in June was a record $508,500 but the gain from a year earlier was less than 2% and one major region, the San Francisco Bay Area, logged an annual decline of around 2%. (Corelogic)

DID YOU KNOW? For the first time since the financial crisis, the benchmark 10-year Treasury yielded less than the two-year note Wednesday morning. That pricing anomaly is known as a “yield curve inversion,” and is seen as an indicator of recession. What’s more, the 30-year Treasury yield has touched a record low of 2.06%. (Barrons)

CORRECTION: Nearly 48.1% of U.S. CFOs believe that the U.S. will be in recession by the 2nd quarter of 2020, and 69% believe that a recession will have begun by the end of 2020, NOT 2019. (Thanks to Bill Carpenter for catching this!)

DID YOU KNOW? For the first time since the survey began in 2017, 59% say Amazon is bad for small businesses — nearly three times the number who say Amazon is good for small businesses (22%). This represents a significant shift from just 2 years ago, when opinion was nearly split between those saying Amazon is bad for small businesses (37%) and those saying it’s good (33%). (CNBC)

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Top 500 National Honor


Press Release May 3rd, 2019


Local Real Estate Professional Brings Home ‘Top 500’ National Honor

Broker★Agent™ Advisor Honors Achievement

Phoenix, Arizona – Now in its 25th year, Broker★Agent™ Advisor celebrates the success and accomplishment of the industry’s finest real estate professionals through it’s exclusive ‘Certificate of Excellence’ Program.

Through proprietary criteria, formulas, and other valuable considerations, Catherine Krueger of El Cerrito, California has been distinguished by Broker★Agent™ Advisor as one of the best in real estate based on achievement, potential, leadership, ethics, community value, experience, capability, and trust.

Having previously earned our Seven Star Certificate of Excellence, Catherine has more recently been identified as one of the Top 500 award holders in this category at Broker★Agent™ Advisor.

“With a national audience of 250,000, and over 8,000 award registrants, the top 500 designation is significant and one of our highest honors. Catherine exemplifies the type of professional we designed this award for. A true credit to their company, profession, and community both inside and outside of their real estate practice; one with whom the honor is truly ours in being able to share this award.” says Chad Golladay, Executive Publisher of Broker★Agent™ Advisor

There is no cost or fee required for this award, and all applicant’s credentials are verified, which makes this honor one of the most genuine in the industry towards identifying those truly worthy of special recognition and distinction.

Catherine can be found in Broker★Agent™ Advisor’s national online directory of award recipients here: http://brokeragentadvisor.com/brag-directory

I am privileged to work with amazing buyers, sellers and colleagues (realtors, lenders, title companies, trade people).  Thank you to everyone and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Looking to get a value for your home?  Contact me via email, text or plain phone call.

Looking to find your perfect home?  Contact me via email, text or plain phone call

Looking for a termite company, a contractor, a recommendation for tradespeople? Contact me via email, text or plain phone call

Best regards,




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Me, Myself and I

Featured Agent – Catherine Krueger

Favorite thing about working in real estate?

I love being a part of the sellers’ and buyer’ lives at a critical moment in their lives, helping sellers comfortably close a chapter of their lives, and helping buyers happily transition into their new home and new neighborhood.

Most memorable transaction:

There are many memorable moments in real estate including being stuck on a rooftop in Oakland with clients and waiting for the listing agent to bail us out, or entering a vacant house after knocking and being “greeted” by the seller coming out of the shower butt naked and unaware of our presence!!

What was your first job growing up?

I taught High School English while in college in France, where I did a degree in U.S. history (American Revolutionary War), and received a teaching credential in teaching French as a Foreign Language at the same time.

What do you love to do in your free time, such as hobbies, etc?

I love skiing and plan on spending more time on the slopes before I get too old to rip!! And I love travelling, especially in France.

What are your favorite movies, books, and television shows?

“Le Diner de Cons” (“The Dinner Game”) is a great French movie. I also love movies by Marcel Pagnol about the South of France. I enjoy watching “The Big Bang Theory” and HGTV! I have read many Peter Mayle books which I enjoyed thoroughly along with books about dogs. Two books I found hard but so poignant were “The Book Thief,” and “The Good Earth.”

Most memorable travel experience?

Traveling to France with an infant and a flight delayed many hours, running out of clothes for my daughter and arriving at my destination with a baby wearing a diaper only!!!

What do you love about the East Bay?

The East Bay is home to many restaurants, great people, a great park system where you can unwind anytime and enjoy views, nature, and peace and quiet just five minutes away from Berkeley.

Favorite restaurant?

Stella Nonna and Inn Kensington

Tell us about your pets.

All my animals have been rescues from either the shelter where I volunteered for years or Hopalong Rescue, or responding to a cry for help from a neighbor who wanted to find a better place for their coworker’s dog who was stuck in a cage 20 hrs a day in a garage!!

Some things on your bucket list.

Traveling all over the world and buying a castle in France.

Any other things you like to include?

Win the lottery and gift the money to deserving charities and people.


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A False Sense of Hope for Buyers

Last trimester of 2018 showed a steep decline in sales prices that translated into a false sense of hope for buyers. Many sellers had cold sweats while selling their properties for less than expected and buyers felt a renewed sense of happiness for getting a “good deal” and they did! A similar condo sold $100,000 more in March 2019 than in November 2018!! House prices dropped but have rebounded in leaps and bounds. When you hear of 22 and 30 offers you can’t possibly think it is a buyers’ market!  Looking at the latest sales I have noticed a few properties selling $300,000 and more over asking and setting new records. Who thought a small under 1000sqft, 2beds/1bath home in El Cerrito would sell for $1,211/sqft?? Yes this is a new reality.

News of potential IPOs is creating a real estate frenzy.

Interest rates are at a historically low rate, hovering around 4.25% in March. For details on the financial market please contact:

sam contact info


The Real Estate Market Analyzed

Median Sold Price of Existing Single-Family Homes for the San Francisco Bay Area:

January 2019     $836,000

February 2019   $867,000

A closer look at different Bay Area counties confirm that same uphill trend From January 2019 to February 2019:

January               February

Alameda:            $826,000            $860,000

Contra Costa:     $595,000            $649,475

Marin:                 $1,149,500         $1,290,000

San Francisco    $1,376,500         $1,505,000

Please forward this blog to anyone you think might be interested in learning about the real estate market or is thinking about buying or selling.  I am most grateful for any recommendations you might have to buyers and sellers.

catherine custom signature


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What is a green building?

What do you mean by a “green” building?

Buildings of the world consume:

  • 40% of the world’s energy & materials
  • 25% of the wood harvested
  • 17% of our water

The average American house uses:

  • 13,127 board feet of lumber
  • 6,212 square feet of sheathing
  • 2,000 square feet of flooring

In the U.S., buildings account for:

  • 36% of total electricity consumption
  • 62% of electricity use
  • 30% of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 37% of ozone depletion potential

And, ironically enough, most of us spend 90% of our time indoors.

What can you do to green your building?

  • Avoid toxic cleaning products
  • Use less paper and more reusable cloths for cleaning your home
  • Switch all of your light bulbs to LED
  • Recycle your water as much as possible. For example shower water can be used to water the garden.
  • Install solar panels. Solar air conditioning units and solar water heaters exist so that could be a way to start.
  • Lower your heating temperature on your water heater to save energy.
  • Lower your thermostat to 65F when you leave your home during the day and a maximum of 68-69F if you are home. Put on warm clothes during winter months. That is why you bought them, to keep you warm so use them appropriately.
  • If you are going to replace your kitchen appliances switch to an induction cooktop.  It is an electric appliance that a solar panel can pay for.
  • Buy an electric vehicle for your everyday driving.
  • Avoid plastic bags at all cost
  • Buy in bulk to produce less garbage and compost or at least throw into your green bin

You don’t have to do all of these to make an impact. One step at a time will take you far and the planet will thank you! 🙂

Lastly take advantage of all the payment assistance programs available to green your home, be it in a mortgage or financial aid or government programs.

Remember one step at a time is how we all learned to walk and this is how we will all learn to make an impact on the planet.

If you want more information I am happy to share resources with you. Just contact me via email Catherine@CatherineKrueger.com or by phone 510-813-0970


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Improvements worth doing before putting your home for sale

I often get asked by potential sellers what they should do to prepare their home for sale and what has the best return on investment.

For home sellers on a tighter budget I would suggest doing any minor repairs that have been overdue (broken handle, changing light bulbs, tightening up loose knobs, replacing broken fixtures…), painting, if needed, and definitely having the house professionally cleaned including windows (inside and out).

Refinishing hardwood floors is a nice and well appreciated bonus but is not always possible/practical as it may take up to 7 days and all furniture must be moved out so this solution only works for sellers who have moved out of the house in general.

improvements worth doing

For more tips on the must dos for prepping a home for market please contact me. I will be happy to share my 20 years of experience in the business!

Happy Cleaning and Selling!



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