What staging brings to your marketing!

As a Realtor I get asked the questions a lot by potential sellers:  To stage or not to stage?

I understand that staging can be expensive and sellers ponder whether to spend the extra money staging or not.  (I work with many stagers and prices can vary drastically between them).  Marketing starts online and it is easier to visualize yourself in a “lived-in home” than in an empty home.  Think about staring at your computer screen to an empty wall with a window for what is supposed to be a bedroom as opposed to a bed with night stands and lights.  If sellers still struggle, you can insist that “oh yes it is worth it” but i think pictures are worth a thousand words!!

Here are before and after photos of my latest listing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Given that over 90% of buyers check all the listings online first which home do you think will attract the most buyers?  Seeing the dramatic difference usually sells the sellers as to the advantage of staging. Were you sold too?

If you are thinking of selling your home in the East Bay or know someone who is I would be grateful for any recommendation you can give me. I promise to take care of you and your referrals with utmost respect, professionalism and results.  That is the way I would expect to be treated by any Realtor.

Best regards,

Catherine Krueger



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