Below market rate, views, move-in condition… Ready, set, go! Open House November 25th, 2018 2-4pm

6201 Ralston, Richmond CA 94530

Words of a downturn coming has chilled buyers’ enthusiasm for East Richmond Heights, also known as Richmond View.  Why? because buyers think that with prices “dropping” (they are not and economists are actually predicting a 4% increase for 2019) they will be able to buy in Berkeley which is usually the preferred location for most buyers. They start in Berkeley and once they are priced out they move outward towards El Cerrito and finally reach Richmond View to be positively and absolutely blown away by the area.

There are many advantages to living in Richmond View:

  1. It is located in unincorporated Contra Costa County.  Property taxes are less than in the city of Richmond and less than the city of El Cerrito.
  2. Views are stunning from Richmond View.
  3. Schools:  whether you live in Northern part of El Cerrito or Richmond View children attend the same schools:  Mira Vista Elementary and middle school, or Korematsu Middle School and El Cerrito High School

With that in mind please come on Sunday from 2-4pm  and take a look at a great home that would be selling over $1,000,000 in Berkeley. Listed for $799,000 only.  Make an offer! Both Zillow and Redfin are estimating this cutie to be worth well over $800,000!!


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