What is a green building?

What do you mean by a “green” building?

Buildings of the world consume:

  • 40% of the world’s energy & materials
  • 25% of the wood harvested
  • 17% of our water

The average American house uses:

  • 13,127 board feet of lumber
  • 6,212 square feet of sheathing
  • 2,000 square feet of flooring

In the U.S., buildings account for:

  • 36% of total electricity consumption
  • 62% of electricity use
  • 30% of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 37% of ozone depletion potential

And, ironically enough, most of us spend 90% of our time indoors.

What can you do to green your building?

  • Avoid toxic cleaning products
  • Use less paper and more reusable cloths for cleaning your home
  • Switch all of your light bulbs to LED
  • Recycle your water as much as possible. For example shower water can be used to water the garden.
  • Install solar panels. Solar air conditioning units and solar water heaters exist so that could be a way to start.
  • Lower your heating temperature on your water heater to save energy.
  • Lower your thermostat to 65F when you leave your home during the day and a maximum of 68-69F if you are home. Put on warm clothes during winter months. That is why you bought them, to keep you warm so use them appropriately.
  • If you are going to replace your kitchen appliances switch to an induction cooktop.  It is an electric appliance that a solar panel can pay for.
  • Buy an electric vehicle for your everyday driving.
  • Avoid plastic bags at all cost
  • Buy in bulk to produce less garbage and compost or at least throw into your green bin

You don’t have to do all of these to make an impact. One step at a time will take you far and the planet will thank you! 🙂

Lastly take advantage of all the payment assistance programs available to green your home, be it in a mortgage or financial aid or government programs.

Remember one step at a time is how we all learned to walk and this is how we will all learn to make an impact on the planet.

If you want more information I am happy to share resources with you. Just contact me via email Catherine@CatherineKrueger.com or by phone 510-813-0970


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