The nightmare of Insurance! 8 tips

With nearly 500,000 California homes worth a combined $268 billion under serious risk from wildfires, and the issue growing more acute with each passing year, insurance companies are ramping up prices or outright refusing to renew policies in fire-prone areas.

HOW TO FIND (OR KEEP) FIRE INSURANCE Per California Association of Realtors

After several years of record-breaking California wildfires, insurance companies have responded by imposing huge premium increases on property owners, or even worse, flat-out denying coverage and canceling policies. Here are some tips to help property owners maintain their current insurance plan or, if necessary, find a new one.

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 2.22.32 PM

I hope you enjoyed these 8 tips. Feel free to share them with anyone who might need them.  Please reach out if you have any real estate questions related to this article or any other or if you need a referral for a tradesperson. I am happy to serve you.

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