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What staging brings to your marketing!

As a Realtor I get asked the questions a lot by potential sellers:  To stage or not to stage? I understand that staging can be expensive and sellers ponder whether to spend the extra money staging or not.  (I work … Continue reading

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New laws about secondary units on 1 lot! This is an excerpt from SF Chronicle about housing laws: “California homeowners should find it easier and cheaper to build a second unit on their property, or turn an illegal unit into a legal one, thanks to two laws … Continue reading

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Build a professional trust

Contractors come and go and some stay longer because they are honest and trustworthy.  In the middle of my renovation I found out that my contractor seems honest and I still like him but the subcontractors he has been hiring … Continue reading

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The rambling of a renovation!

There is nothing like supervising your own renovation to make you appreciate what your clients go through.  I have learned so much during that process and as it nears the end i cannot wait to move back into my own … Continue reading

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To buy or not to buy? that is the question or should we remodel?

As a Realtor I have the privilege of PRE-viewing a lot of houses and have been given many chances of buying a home before it hit the market (paying fair market value nevertheless) and yet the decision to buy and … Continue reading

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