East Bay Essentials

wood bird
The East Bay is a vibrant collection of neighborhoods, towns and cities with a wide variety of cultural amenities set on the stunning San Francisco Bay. We have excellent public transportation such as BART, buses and ferries, as well as local bike trails, so it’s easy to get around, go to work, or visit San Francisco. Our mild weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors year round, and there are many parks, and bay side activities to keep us busy.

There are many wonderful places to live, and in every price range. It can take years to discover all the amazing restaurants, secret paths, small play houses and other fun and wonderful things about our area, so we’ve collected some of our favorite resources to share with you.

Explore our cities to get to know our communities. 

We have gathered information about schools, the arts, transportation, the outdoors and many other community links that will help you get to know the East Bay.

Below are pages to help you get to know and enjoy the East Bay.



east bay cities               green zone

places for kids in east bay              schools


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